As passionate as we are about our attentive kitchen production, the ethically sourcing of food products is an equally vital element, we feel strongly in our moral responsibility to both the local community and the planet.

We do of course deal with animal products and working with expert local butchers, grocers and as local as possible fishermen, we give something back to our local business community. Argentinian beef or New Zealand lamb may taste great in their own countries but whether the animal or the carcass should travel so far has ethical as well as logical issues. Sustainably caught fish, free range poultry, animals that have been pasture reared ensuring not only their quality of life but also that their meat is not saturated with unnatural feed containing hormones and antibiotics among other things. These are our unwavering musts. Our vegetable products are all from organic sources.

Our policy is to continue an unstinting search to lower our carbon foot print, whether by switching energy user to a more ecologically principled company or revising our packaging options. We hope our approach is one that is endorsed by our customers and copied by competitors. A large portion of our business is in the delivery of food, so needless to say after all our environmental talk we wouldn’t then turn up on your doorstep in some old gas guzzler! All our food deliveries to you are made by electric car or bike. As well as our own continuing pursuit we always appreciate any customer feedback that will help us in our conservation efforts.